Who We Serve

Stand For Kindness creates a space to give directly to the people in need – both for the immediate relief and for the many years it will take to return to normalcy.
We serve the survivors of Nothern California disasters, natural and manmade. We offer support to those that have been affected when the immediate disaster response recedes.
Being displaced is an upheaval of life. It’s difficult both emotionally and financially. Individuals and families are left with little as they embark on long and often isolating process for recovering their lives.

Wildfire Survivors

Countless lives were changed forever on October 8th 2017 as California’s most devastating fires raced through Sonoma and Napa Counties.
  • It is estimated that 100,000 were people displaced and 8,700 structures were destroyed.
  • Rivaled only by the recent Camp and Thousand Oak fires of 2018, those fires marked one of the greatest tragedies California has ever faced.

How We Connect

We’ve designed a process for getting support to the people that need in a real and meaningful way.
  • We have a team sharing our model and work in the community
  • Survivors submit an application in which they clearly articulate their needs
  • Our team interviews them and then an online profile is created.
  • Anyone who wishes to support can create an account and give human-to-human support.
We’re tearing down the barriers of human-to-human support and embracing the personal connections of true giving. We hope you’ll join us.